Trade Show Domination Summer 2018

Trade Show Domination Summer 2018

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All of the materials I have ever gotten at ASD shows, scanned and digitized

2 webinars before the show to get you up to speed and ready for the show

 A step-by-step guide to making a new product on amazon.  From photos to listing creation. The most in-depth guide

A webinar after the show, to talk about what I was excited by, and get everyone on the track to success.

A 30 minute 1 on 1 phone call to help me find the best suppliers for you

A dossier of suppliers made just for you, showing local supplier to you and in your niche

A preview of some of the deals I made showing what I actually bought, and from who! An exclusive Facebook mastermind with myself and other sellers and everyone that signs up, this is a great resource.

If you can attend the show:

All the above items!

Shop with me on the floor, as I walk around and buy 1,000’s of dollars worth of inventory. 

I will help you close any deals you want.

Experts in PL and grocery will join us to shop

Hours of time with myself and my other FBA seller friends.  Imagine hours of time with big name sellers

An exclusive get together on one of the days to hang out with big name FBA sellers, with free food and drink